Let there be Light Written by Nachiketa Bandyopadhyay

Nachiketa Bandyopadhyay




Let there be Light

Written by Nachiketa Bandyopadhyay 5/2/2014


The Pastor was murmuring, how will I be happy?

Mothers were weeping thrashing their breasts by their hands

Repeatedly shouting – Bring back our girls, bring back our girls!

Frustrated searchers, women and men returning empty handed.


A cloud of distress burns smoke over Chibok, Nigeria.

There is an all-out grievance of the Chibok parents,

their girls stolen, abducted, kidnapped.

Whatever you say hundreds girls are missing.


Forcefully separated from their parents and birth place,

forcefully taken onto an unknown destination.

I say Peace to the of mourning if Chibok waiting fathers,

waiting mothers, waiting brothers, waiting teachers.


Who are all these girls… martyrs, victims, glorious fellow?

Now total darkness looms over the institute of light.

There are efforts of darkening here and there.

How one can demarcate education of west, east and so on?


Education is enlightenment, maker of the complete man,

It is of peace, by peace for peace ~


Dear abductor you need light not AK47.

No thorns, only the wild burst of blossoms.


They were in school. We sent them.

We told them the pen is mightier than sword.


They trusted us.


They went school being kissed by parents.


Their Mothers told them-“see you”, Fathers said, “See you”.

Still unseen, untraced our 300 girls, days pass like dry leaves.

An endless wait, daughters will come, they will come someday.


Mr. President, are you still in bed?

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When Spirits Soar by Kristine Kenyon

The Human Experience

Author Kristine Kenyon gives readers a glimpse into her own experiences with her moving collection of poems, ‘When Spirits Soar’.



Author Kristine Kenyon gives readers a truly moving emotional experience with her new collection of poetry, When Spirits Soar.  A collection that moves through the author’s experiences as a wife, mother, grandmother, spirit becoming whole, and struggling through a difficult diagnosis, When Spirits Soar is a touching, emotion-packed collection that will resound with readers long after they’ve finished reveling in its profound poetry.

Eight years after being diagnosed with a rare disease called histiocytosis, Kenyon tells her readers, she feels that she has moved through a huge spectrum of human emotion; from despair to hope, form sorrow to joy, and from sadness to achieving a positive outlook on the life she so treasures.  Her poetry reflects each of these emotions beautifully, drawing the reader in with their rhythm and flow. 

Beginning with the quote, “Life is good, except when it’s not”, Kenyon infuses that statement in the poems throughout her book.  Beginning her series of poems with a section titled “From the Heart”, Kenyon writes about her experiences in such a way that allows readers to experience them alongside her.  Her prose is vivid, bringing up recollections of these emotions for readers, even those that have lain dormant.  Her words are powerful, stirring memories and feelings equally well, and bringing to the surface the thoughts and feeling that many, on a daily basis, experience, but are unable to put into words.

When Spirits Soar is as inspiring as it is moving. In her own words, Kenyon colors the human experience with thoughts and feelings, making each poem a small window into the life that she lives.  Lovers of poetry will be enraptured by this book, and, the author hopes, find the freedom in their own writing that she has found in hers.


Kristine Kenyon

Born in Washington, Kristine Kenyon now resides in northern California, with her family.  Her love of poetry was sparked at the age of eleven, when her father gave her a book called Wings of Silver, by Jo Petty.  More than forty years later, Kristine felt that it was time to share the poetry she had written throughout the course of her life with readers, resulting in the phenomenal collection, When Spirits Soar.




For media inquiries, please contact:

Kristine Kenyon


To Purchase the Book



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Quiet Choices by Author Kristine Kenyon

“When you notice something clearly and see it vividly, it then becomes sacred.” ~ Allen Ginsberg

Quiet Break Water by Kristine Kenyon.jpg

Quiet Choices


are the breakwaters before me

comforting in the moment

the solace I seek…

Yet serving me they are,

as the waves of change are sure to come

the breakwaters warn me …

Granting me

the opportunity to stay or go,

a choice I have in life… daily ~

Kristine Kenyon

© Nov. 1, 2011

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Legacy by Featured Author, Michael Holland



Written by Michael Holland

As a boy, I used to watch my Aunt Moira
apply cream blush to the apples of her cheeks,
warming the brush, pressing it in, curious
at the ritual as she applied powder afterward,
slipping cinnamon gloss onto her lips
as she prepared for ungrateful guests
at our family’s reunion. The ritual prepared
her to smile widely and mentally, to look
ready as she crumbled,  just slightly under
mossy pressure, the weight of arguing
third cousins, the insolent criticism
of people she barely knew odious.

“When will the burgers be ready?”
“Who’s going to organize the picnic tables?”
And once again,
“When will the burgers be ready?”

“You’re stronger than you know!”
I would say admiringly, unsure of precisely
what I meant, but meaning it wholeheartedly.

My admiration multiplied as I watched Moira
do it all: make potato salad, bake a lemon
chess pie, preparing her famous marinated
eggplant, flipping those perfect burgers
on that late, hot, sticky August afternoon, causing
me to reflect on all the burger makers
that came before her: Grandma Ruth,
Aunt Allie-Beth, and Grandpa Houston. I’d
yell – “Stand tall guru!” — as she would slip
me a smile along with a coy wink, meant
for just us two, only, serving the masses:
grumpy folks who had nothing in common
except distant blood lines, and stories
of Uncle Ray, who could complete a back flip
and land on his feet at fifty-one years old
to the delight of misty children. It was in these moments,
that I’d marvel and be in awe of her salty determination
and cornflower sass, and melt into a world
of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies,
as this crystal clear memory floats into my current
consciousness of years past.

Aunt Moira passed when I was twelve years old.
We stopped going to family reunions after that,
Instead visiting my Grandma Ruth’s dairy farm
on gentle spring weekends, the smell
of cornfields palpable, but Moira’s indelible
footprints left me dazzled and speechless,
a true pioneer among women living
in moldy small towns, emerging victorious
without even a bat of a false eyelash.

Michael W. Holland received his B.A. in Humanities from Michigan State University with emphases in English, Psychology, and Music. Michael only began writing four years ago when an outpouring of words occurred, calling him to let them out.

He began in a writer’s group based on the A.W. A. method created by Pat Schneider. So grateful to have found this passion, Michael realizes now that writing is indeed a gift. He’s taken classes in the M.A. program for Creative Writing at San Francisco State University in Poetry. It was an honor to be accepted into their program.

Michael has two poems published, “Blow By Blow” and “Living Past Doubts”. “Legacy” which is featured here today is his third, e-published work. The author notes that he is always grateful for those who read his work and he appreciates it when the reader takes with him a piece of his work that speaks to their heart.

Michael Can be found creating poetry at All Poetry and Flexwriters Creative Network (FCN), he enjoys writing challenges and interaction with other writers in his genre. You can friend him at FCN, Facebook.

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News Flash – Author and Artist, Katharine Hemingway


Opulence Drift

Written by Katharine Hemingway

Is running in our Poetry/Prose section. This really is a must read!

Katharine Hemingway Author and Artist has been privileged to show her work in many Art exhibits, Kubus Hannover Gallery in Germany as well as in Wexford, Ireland and Undercover Pages, International Hand Made Artist Book Exhibition at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwsyth. Katharine comes from a long line of artists, she is self-taught in both poetry and art. She has published a book of poetry now available titled CENTRE OF THE SPHERE. To order her book or her art email orders@katharinehemingway.co.uk Katharine Hemingway can also be found Facebook and Myspace. Feel free to friend her and enjoy her latest paintings as well as her poetry and prose.

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Magic by Tarringo T. Vaughn



by Tarringo T. Vaughn

I walk through this world in awe.

Tattooed sidewalks of flawed granite smothered by footprints of graffiti connecting generations of magicians give off the aroma of something amazing. There are days I wonder how we came to be. There are days I try to imagine who made the sky the perfect shade of blue on gray days of rain and who made the ocean waves the elegant force of gentle rage. I wonder how flowers came to be the scent of comfort and the symbols passion, comfort and sadness and how emotion became that great potion of transient tears connecting all of us through the many languages we communicate. Every since I was a little boy I’ve admired and been held in a sensual but rugged curiosity of how this all came to be. Maybe this existence is nothing but an illusion but an illusion from what? Is our reality really a dream or just a discovery of all the possibilities…out there?

We live inside a journey of invention.

I have come to realize that it is our minds that are magic. The processes of intelligence we exhibit is fascinating. There have been those who have cured by mixing science with healing and those who have built tombs with hands of genetic precision. There have been those who have written the history of future mankind with metaphors perfectly intertwined into the masterpiece of translation and there have been those who have imagined the technology of imagery and brilliance. But what is my magic on this wonderland? Sometimes I think it is my vision as I can see things others may ignore to see but most times I feel it is my interpretation as through my poetic understanding I am able to become a witness outside my own stanzas of existence because as poets we can be anywhere at any time; we can be many places at once and turn simple objects into complex fountains of description. We can fool the eyes with hidden meaning and hold them blindfolded with clarity. We invent through our pens and with the wordplay of endless thoughts and observations. The many questions of this world are the answers we create through the written language of magic.


Tarringo T. Vaughn lives in Massachusetts. His work is widely published via the internet. He’s the Founder of The Flexwriters of Poetry and SOE (Soldiers of Expression). He is the CEO of Flexwriters Creative Network- FCN and Flexwriters Online Magazine. A published Author, Beyond Rainbows and Yellow Brick Roads, American Publishing © 2010.  You can contact Tarringo at: tarringo@flexwritersonline.net

This essay,“MAGICFrom Public Journal © 2010

If you enjoyed this essay please share it on-

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Feature of the Week: Author, Katherine Wyatt


Starlight Review Feature of the Week is Author, Katherine Wyatt

I have read Katherine Wyatt’s book, THE CORE OF THE ESSENCE.

I was amazed at the depth and light in this book.  I found some of the most breathtaking poetry, she’s a writer of ethereal proportions.  Having acquired her Masters Degree in World Religions and Humanities.  I’m thrilled to feature Katherine and share with all of you a taste from her book, THE CORE OF THE ESSENCE.

“Poetry really is the art of ones soul.   As word emerges from within and allows itself to flow, like paint on a canvas so is word to paper.”  -Quote by Kristine Kenyon

Like art, this is how I view her writing.

Katherine, otherwise known as “Trinity” in some writing circles was born in Pennsylvania. As she tells us on the jacket of her new book, she came from a long line of artists and writers dating back into the 1500′s.  Her Mother was a cartoonist, whose work has been published all over the world and her father, a writer, wrote in the corporate world. He started his career in newspaper journalism as a young man.  It’s wonderful to follow in such creativity.

Ms. Wyatt’s book was published this month by Publish America and is available for purchase in soft back now on their site by clicking their link.

“Look within yourself if you want to meet me”

– Katherine Wyatt



by Katherine Wyatt


I am the sound of the wind rustling through feathers

As the eagle soars between mountain peaks

I am the space between the last breaths of the dying

As they leave life behind for the next and grow weak

I am the gray that floats in the fog when changes arrive

Holding the potential for new choices; neither black or white

I am the eye of the storm where it is quiet and I set the its course

Yet having no motion I am the measure of the hurricane’s great force

I am the silence that the birds sing to in the night

I am the blood coursing in their veins and the will that gives them flight

I am the homeless woman on the corner whose eyes you look through

I am the dark and the light that revolve within you

I am the proton, electron and neutron at play

The saints in their glory and the one who betrayed

I am without bounds and wear time as a cloak

With my hand I spin the cosmos with one brief stroke

I am a bug on a leaf on the bamboo tree

Look within yourself if you wish to meet me


~ * ~


When I read “Within” a sense of warmth cam over me. It was almost as if I could hear the quietness, the stillness within the poetry, giving me a revealing eye into the soul of the poetess as she reflects within. Her words here have made an imprint on me.

This Review by: Kristine Kenyon

Notes about the Author:  Katherine Wyatt, aka Trinity runs a forum at FCN called The Muse every other Wednesday.  You can be inspired by her there. She has an extensive portfolio of work and it can be found in various places on the web. She can be found as Trinity at www.wordmachinist.com, www.flexwriterscreativenetwork.net – My[____] and Facebook as well.  And, last but not least you can find her here at katherinewyatt.wordpress –

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Here’s an oppertunity to be positively inspirational!

Friday – January 21, 2011

Today join Kristine Kenyon as she prompts you to write “Positive” poetry in the Positively Inspirational Group at the Flexwriters Creative Network-


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Heaven Can Wait

Bright Clouds Rainy Day by Kristine Kenyon


Heaven Can Wait


My life is a vapor of ether

fluttering in the mist.

Thought as it is, toggles

back and forth, wondering…

Questioning universal knowledge,

mystic and divine in nature.

Secrets still yet, to be revealed

unknowing is my fate…

In the vast of Nothing

there is something to which

I am not privy to know

and in that, I am content…

Content to allow my fate

to run its own course

between now and heaven.

But, for now heaven can wait.



© Kristine Kenyon

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Have You Read About Us Lately?

The Starlight Review is a relatively new site found at http://www.kristinekenyon.com. It is here not only to promote writers and artists of all genre’s, but to support the poet in you too.

Kristine Kenyon, a writer and poet who is always on the look out for the upcoming and new talent whose looking for more exposure. She is linked to a community of writers and poets. Kristine may be able to help you share your work with a larger audience for greater exposure.

Read About Us at The Starlight Review and contact Kristine Kenyon at starlightreview@gmail.com to see if you can be published in the Starlight Review too!

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